Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 7 & 8 (18 Feb - 3 March)

At last the sun has began to shine! This makes running so much more enjoyable, although it has left me with the dilemma of how to keep my headphones in when I’m running. Recently, it's been so cold that I have been running with my hat on, but as it was sunny this week I decided to run without it! This didn't last long as I had to put my hat back on to stop my headphones from falling out! I have tried several different kinds of headphones but none of them have been very successful yet. If anyone has any tips on which headphones are best for running then please let me know or I think I will have to buy a sweatband, 1980's style, to keep them in as I can’t run without my music!

This week I managed to run three times with my longest run being 5.5 miles. I am finding that running is getting easier and I am managing to run up steep hills very slowly rather than going backwards! I went running with my friend this week which really helped keep me motivated as I find it easier to stop and walk when I am alone. I have now downloaded the endomondo app which is good for keeping in touch with your friends who are running  and seeing different maps in your area.If you have this app as well let me know and we can connect via it and check out each others progress.

Other Scottish Adoption runners have also been training, Colin Grant went out for his second run in his marathon training and managed an amazing 6km in 25 minutes. Well done! I think you are going to be the fastest Scottish adoption runner at the half marathon. Dave McGregor had ordered new running trainers in the hope that they will make him run faster and he can catch up with Colin! They arrived and look amazing and he is very proud of them, just wait until his first run outside and they get all dirty! Alex McDonald is continuing to train with his children and he managed a 6km run this week and felt that he could have kept going.
David's new Adidas Boost trainers that he is so proud of.
There appears to be some rivalry between the male team members as to who is going to run the fastest on the day, I'm keeping out of it but secretly hoping it's going to be me!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 6 (11 - 17 Feb)

Another week and only 14 weeks to go until the Edinburgh Half marathon and four weeks until the Edinburgh Kilomathon! This week I decided to start following the BUPA Half Marathon Training Programme for beginners, not sure if it is a good one or not but it looks ok? I did three runs of about 5km each this week. On Tuesday I ventured into the gym and had a go on the treadmill for the first time which was great. It was so much easier than running outside but the fact that I never changed the incline probably helped!  I managed to run 5km in 28 mins on the treadmill which is a new record! On my rest day I went along to a Krav Maga class which was really good however at the end the instructor decided to do a fitness test which was not recommended as part of my rest day and left me exhausted after 15 minutes of shuttle runs and burpees as well as bruised from the first part of the class! Next week I must remember not to do this on a rest day!!

Lots of the other team members have been out and about training. Eva Jamieson was out running this week in gale force wind and was struggling to stay on the road but she kept on going and managed 3 miles.  All good for the training.  Dave McGregor managed 7km on the treadmill in 45 mins he is gradually beginning to build up his distance.  Dave has ran half marathons in the past but hasn't run since he completed the Edinburgh Half Marathon last year.  Alison Hanlon ran 7.78 miles after work this week which is more than her 7.5miles that she needs to run in the relay.  I think I will swap with her!  I think we are all looking forward to the lighter nights coming so that we can get running outside in the evening.  Alex McDonald is feeling the strain and is wondering “why did I agree to do this?”

In response to comment on last weeks blog and the question in relation to my breathing - I start off breathing in for four steps and out for four steps then as I get faster it changes to 3 steps in and 3 steps out and then when I am exhausted it changes to 2 steps in and three steps out.  It appears to be working for me and counting takes my mind of the torture of running!

It is always good to remember why we are all running this year’s Edinburgh Marathon and that is to raise funds for various projects and activities that are part of Scottish Adoption's children’s work. As well as keeping our current groups running, we would like to run some transition groups for children entering P1 and S1 and to take our teenage group away for a residential weekend.

We have runners in the Full Marathon, Half Marathon as well as three teams in the Relay Race, it will be a fun filled day and you can support the Scottish Adoption Marathon teams by making a donation here or why not support the team by coming along on the day and cheering on our runners.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 5 (4 - 10 Feb)

Oh dear this week was a non starter for me as I have been floored with the cold and only managed a run on the Friday morning which was a slow 5km run, but I have to add, with two big hills, so I feel slightly better about not running all week. I was heartened by a couple I work with this week who gifted me a lovely rainproof running  jacket and the “The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater & Don Melvin, they did assured me that I shouldn’t be put off by the title as it provides a lot of good techniques. My first though was, wow how thoughtful and I thought about how I could start running home faster when it started to rain!!!  

The book has helped a lot and it is important to learn the art of actually running first. It certainly made me think more about how I run and breathe and I tried some techniques out on my Friday run. I’m sure it looked a bit odd to other people, but it did get me up the hills without stopping, although I was nearly overtaken by a dog walker.

Well done to Dave McGregor who has managed to pass the £100 mark in donations so far for Scottish Adoption! Which means he better remember his headphones now and get to the gym as the pressure is on! He did go running at the weekend and managed a 5km run in just over half an hour so I don't think he will have much trouble with his training, but he does eat a lot of cakes at work!  I have also seen several of my friends who are running on behalf of Scottish Adoption out running this week and I have been getting regular updates on their progress so everyone is out doing their best. We are all making a great effort to get fit, train and to raise money for Scottish Adoption.

Please do leave your feedback on the blog at the bottom of this page and leave some training tips that can help improve our running!

My Marathon Blog

Week 4 (28 Jan – 3 Feb)

Ok it’s week 4 of my training and everybody that is running on behalf of Scottish Adoption has now begun their training and fundraising. Between us all there is a mixture of road running and treadmill running going on although with the weather I think the runners using the treadmill have the right idea!  This week I have managed to get out for three runs, one 8km run and two 4km runs. The wind has been a killer and at times I felt like I was running but not getting anywhere!  It’s difficult to feel motivated when the weather is atrocious and I have to keep telling myself it is all for a good cause!

Alex McDonald who is participating in the relay with his children is becoming increasingly concerned that he is going to let his children down as they are going to the gym every night and following different running programmes whereas Alex has a more sporadic training schedule!  Alex used to run marathons many years ago and is relying on his level of fitness to return quite quickly.  Well done to his daughter Nina as she has managed to raise £140 so far which is fantastic!  

Our Scottish Adoption running  t-shirts arrived this week and look very nice, so please look out for some of our Scottish Adoption runners on the road or in the gym and let us know if you see any.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Marathon Blog

Week 3 (20 -26 Jan)

Unfortunately the snow did affect my marathon training this week.  Although secretly I was quite glad I had an excuse not to go out running on Monday after I had ran 7.6km the day before!!  I wasn’t able to make it out for another run until Friday morning where I managed a short 3.7km run.  I did struggle with this run and I think this was because it had been so long since my last run and I was too busy concentrating on the zombies chasing me (this is from the zombie running app, not actual zombies) that I was not thinking about breathing correctly, which is when I began to come into some difficulty

However on Sunday morning after a come dine with me evening with friends I was persuaded by my husband to go out on another long run 9km this time! My husband promised me it was mainly downhill, however after we set off I quickly realised it was all up hill with a short steep down hill at the end!. I should have realised this as we were running in the town where I live and it is built on a hill! To give him his due I think this was his attempt at getting me over my mind block when it comes to hill running, however after struggling and having to walk parts, my mind block is very much still there! I also learned a valuable lesson that day ‘never go running with your partner’.

This week other members within the team have been continuing their training; Trish has now gradually built up to running 5km on a treadmill! Well done Trish.  Dave made it to the gym but realised he had forgotten his headphones and quickly headed home vowing to start his training next week. I call that a cop-out Dave!.

It would be great to hear from anyone else who is running for Scottish Adoption to get in touch and let us know how your training is going.  Also any tips and advice from other runners for me and our team would be appreciated, leave your comments below and I shall try out your tips and report back on how I got on with them.

If you would like to support our runners you can do so by donating to Scottish Adoption by clicking here.